Investments in the Çanakkale Region

Investments in the Çanakkale Region

Doğu Biga has been dedicated to creating and maintaining common value with host communities surrounding its projects. In 2015, it established a Stakeholder Advisory Committee, which consists of Doğu Biga leadership and eight neighbouring village leaders in what has been a transparent, dialogue-based and sustainable communication between the Company and the villagers.

The Company along with the village leaders discuss priority projects that can contribute positively to the region, including social responsibility projects. As a result of this positive dialogue, Doğu Biga has invested $US 25 million into priority initiatives that will have a lasting effect in the region.

Despite not operating yet, the Company has made significant contributions to the region.
• The Company built a US$ 12.5 million Altınzeybek-2 water reservoir with a water holding capacity of 3.17 million cubic meters, which can supply drinking and utility water to 11 villages. The reservoir, which was built under the control of State Hydraulic Works and was among the important projects carried out as a public-private partnership, will play an important part in the revitalization of agriculture during the dry summer seasons. Once the Kirazlı project is operational, 92% of the water in the reservoir will be available to 11 villages. After the completion of the life cycle of the Kirazlı project, which is planned to be about six years, the reservoir will be left to the region as a water heritage that can be used for generations.

Doğu Biga Local Contributions

•  Upgrading the energy transmission lines from the central province of Çanakkale to the project site.

• Constructing a road in the vicinity of the project, which facilitates the connection of villages with the district and city centre.

• Contributing to education by distributing over 829 student scholarships since 2013. To support the students during COVID-19 with online education, the Company purchased tablets for 60 students along with an internet service.

• Doğu Biga has committed to ensure 80% of its workforce is local. The Company took steps in 2019 to hire local employees, and by working with the Ministry of Education arranged vocational training courses and certification for these employees.

The Company has maintained good relations with the region by making numerous investments in terms of health, infrastructure, culture and transportation in  villages in the vicinity of the project site. The Company, which donated an intensive care unit to be used in the pandemic ward of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Health, Application and Research Hospital during the pandemic, also received a certificate of appreciation from the university administration. Doğu Biga Mining continues its efforts to establish a 9-bed full-fledged intensive care service in Çanakkale Mehmet Akif Ersoy State Hospital.

Our Education and Cultural Activities

Doğu Biga has organized cultural and touristic trips with our neighbours.



Employment for 2 thousand people with an investment of 1 billion dollars in Çanakkale

Canakkale, (DHA) – USA, Canada, and located in mining investments in countries such as Mexico Alamos Gold Mining Big East Turkey subsidiary, has completed all permitting process mandated by the legislation. The work of Kirazlı Gold and Silver Mine and Enrichment Facility, which is the first investment of the Company, will start soon. With all projects, in addition to an investment of 1 billion dollars, approximately 2 thousand people will be employed in the region.

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Coronary intensive care unit was opened in Çanakkale State Hospital

In ÇANAKKALE Mehmet Akif Ersoy State Hospital, the 2nd Step Coronary Intensive Care Unit with 9 beds, which was created with the contributions of Doğu Biga Mining Company, was put into service.

The opening of the 9-bed 2nd Step Coronary Intensive Care Unit, which was made with the contributions of Doğu Biga Mining Company, was realized by the Provincial Health Director Ali Taşçı and Mehmet Akif Ersoy Çanakkale State Hospital Chief Physician Ufuk Tali. Provincial Health Director Ali Taşçı said that during the pandemic process, the 2nd and 3rd level health services were more needed in intensive care units and equipment than other times, Mehmet Akif Ersoy was added to the Çanakkale State Hospital with a 9-bed 2nd Step Coronary intensive He thanked Doğu Biga Mining company for its maintenance unit.

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Statement of support for the mine from 8 mukhtars in Çanakkale.

Local mukhtars reacted to the developments regarding the Kirazlı Gold and Silver Mine Project, which is planned to be operated by Doğu Biga Mining, near Kirazlı village of Çanakkale’s center.

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources said, “License law continues. On the day he made his statement, Minister Pakdemirli’s promise to Haluk Levent that the area will be rehabilitated, in the program organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, on the day of the revalidation evaluation phase, prompted the mukhtars.

Stating that the mining company has supported the villages on many issues, 8 village headmen said that they wanted the mine to be opened as soon as possible. The village headmen, who said that there were thousands of people who started working at the mine but became unemployed when the work stopped, they expect the Company to start working again as soon as possible.

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