Fresh Water for Local Communities

Fresh Water for Local Communities

Since 2010, Doğu Biga recognized the importance of improving the quality of fresh water for the local communities within its project areas, both for drinking water and agricultural use.

In 2012, the Company announced that it had initiated an engineering design and feasibility study for a water reservoir to supply fresh water to nearby communities, as well as sustainable process water for its mining operations.

Doğu Biga committed to design and construct the reservoir in partnership with the government agency, the State Hydraulic Works (DSI).

The dam design – which has a capacity of approximately 3.17 million tonnes of water – included sufficient capacity for peak process water requirements and was sized to accommodate drinking water requirements for the projected population until the year 2065. Once the Kirazli project is in operation, the Company will draw 8% of the water from the reservoir, with the remaining 92% used by 11 villages.

In 2020, the Company completed construction of the “Altınzeybek 2 Pond” water reservoir to allow for the water to be put to use. During a period of draught in the summer 2020, the village of Kumarlar drew water from the reservoir to sustain local farming.



The Golden Zeybek Pond started to hold water.

ÇANAKKALE, (DHA) – The construction of Altın Zeybek-2 Pond, which was undertaken by DOĞU Biga Mining, was completed. The pond, which will meet the drinking and utility water needs of the local villages and the agricultural irrigation needs in the Kumarlar basin, started to hold water.

The construction process of Altınzeybek-2 Pond, which has a water holding capacity of 3.8 million cubic meters, was started with the protocol signed with the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) and the planning and project works of Doğu Biga Mining were completed. The pond, whose last arrangements were made, started to hold water. The water supply lines of the villages of Kumarlar, Kirazlı, Cazgirler, Yukarışapçı where the pond will provide water were also made by Doğu Biga Mining. According to the protocol made with DSI, Altınzeybek-2 Pond will primarily be used to supply drinking and utility water to the surrounding villages. In the second place will be irrigation for agricultural purposes.


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