Doğu Biga Mining's top priority is to instill its international experience into Turkey, and run the projects based in Çanakkale with responsiveness to set an example for the rest of the world . Kicking off mine exploration operations in Turkey back in 2010, our company is intended to put the local assets into the service of the Turkish economy through projects based in Çanakkale . Doğu Biga Mining has plans in plan to invest nearly USD 500 million in the town . We estimate that the company's expense amounts to USD 1 billion.

Our company is set to not only make investments but also create jobs as one of the most important inputs for the local community. 1000 people are going to be employed for operations run by our company, with 80% of the labor force to be hired from the local community. The figure is expected to hit over 2000 upon service procurement. The total real contribution to the local economy is expected to be much further along with sub-industries to be developed.