Our company deems it necessary to make the following declaration, having seen some of the unrealistic pieces of news covered recently by media:

First of all, our company operates fully in line with all relevant regulations; primarily the mining legislation, environment legislation, forestry legislation.


1. Subject to due permits, most of the tree cutting activities have been completed lawfully within the scope of permits obtained in the forestry area where mining operations will be held.

2. Top soil in cleared area is being collected and stored, which will be used for rehabilitation of mining site after its lifespan. Rehabilitation of the field will be performed parallel with mining activities.

3. All of our activities in the mining field takes place within the framework of forestry and environment permits. There is no activity taking place outside of permitted area.

4. All of our activities are continuously inspected by relevant public authorities.

We kindly make a call for organization of a commission in which relevant non-governmental organizations, local/national members of the media and citizens of Çanakkale will be members witnessing every stage of our mining activities taking place in line with relevant legislations.


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