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Our prioritized target in Doğu Biga Mining is to transfer our international experience to Turkey and to manage our projects with a great level of sensitivity in Çanakkale that could be exemplary for the world.

Having started exploring minerals in Turkey in 2010, our company aims to bring in the wealth potential of the region to the national economy thanks to the projects in Çanakkale.

Our plan as Doğu Biga Mining is to invest approximately 500 million USD to the region. The calculation of expenditure in the operation period is 1 billion USD.

Beyond doubt, one of the most important contributions that our company will provide to the region; besides the investments, will be in the field of employment. 1000 people will be recruited directly in the establishments operating under our company, 80% of which will be employees from local residents. The estimation is that this figure will be more than 2000 with the service procurements.

The real total contribution to the regional economy is estimated to be much higher with the development of side industries.

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